Bah For Dual Military Couples

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Proposed BAH Cut Unfairly Targets Dual-Military Couples. – The military is trying to cut costs any way it can and by military we mean Congress. One of the newest proposals is to take away the second Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for dual-military married couples and reduce roommates to 75% of current BAH.

What Happens When Both Spouses Are in the Military – Dual military couples have 30 days after arriving at a new unit to produce a valid family care plan, which includes naming both a short-term and long-term care provider. In some cases, finding a short-term care provider at a new duty station can be difficult.

Why dual military get to claim BAH twice? | RallyPoint – Why dual military get to claim BAH twice?: Maybe I am missed informed but when I was a DS we had military couples each getting BAH how is this even possible when both reside within the same domicile? I understand if the couples are separated because of duty stations but when they both are station together how is this fair?

2018 BAH Rates for Military Personnel – BAH is based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. Itis payable when government quarters are not provided. individual rate protection, adopted by Congress at the turn of the century, protects military service members from the widespread BAH rate drops, like the one.

Letters to the Editor for June 4 – I cannot believe the savings achieved by removing the dual BAH for only 40,000 dual-service couples in the military is the only option for saving our tax dollars in the military. Please contact our.

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Dual-service couples may see housing allowance cut under. – Dual-service couples may see housing allowance cut under Senate plan. Many of the 40,000 dual-service couples in the military – members married to other servicemembers – have for years.

Military Update: Dual-service couples could see housing allowance slashed – The philosophy has been that Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a key element of military compensation needed to keep pace with civilian worker salaries, so it should not reduced or eliminated based.

There is a rumbling in Congress that would eliminate Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for the lower ranking member of dual military couples. The proposal would also cut BAH by 25% for unmarried servicemembers who share housing with other military members.

Plan to privatize commissaries killed; ‘couples BAH’ cut survives – So as couples are reassigned to new stateside duty together, BAH for the lower ranking member would end. The latest demographic report on the U.S. military, from 2013, shows 87,200 active duty members.